Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jeff Bridges Has Invaded My Computer

Ok, so I recently discovered that Adobe Reader Version 7.0 will read your PDF documents out loud, and it's SO amusing to listen to, especially when the voice would try to read my characters' names. Elysia (pronounced ell-lee-see-uh) was pronounced 'ell-leh-zha.' Haha! The guy reading the document sounded just like Jeff Bridges (from 'True Grit' and 'Tron: Legacy') and I about died laughing at some of the ways he pronounced words. So, yes, I had my book read out loud to me by 'Jeff Bridges', which is what I've officially dubbed the Adobe Reader voice :D 
    Also, I'm not nearly failing Geometry anymore! YAY!! My last quiz, which I took after being tutored for almost an hour by my teacher, brought my grade up 10 points 'cause I got a 98 on it. PRAISE GOD!!!! :D 
    Ah, good times... :)

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