Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Things

Ok, first off, it's my brother's 20th birthday today!! YAY!!! Happy birthday, Scotty!!!
    Second, I had two teachers and a few students ask me about Young Falcon today, including a few I didn't know even knew I was writing a book, much less publishing one. This makes me happy, because I know that someone had to have told them about it! :D My friends PG13 and G.C. told me that they each mentioned my book to someone at their church, and that that person now wants to buy my book! YES!! Thank you, guys! :D I now have 47 people who have specifically told me that they'll buy a copy of Young Falcon. I feel so loved! :D
    Third - G.C. is starting to become...nicer o.O Now, I've known G.C. since 3rd grade, and I don't think she's ever once complimented my hair or anything. She did today. I almost died of shock ;) She also commented M.M.'s shoes, and J.R.'s shirt. Where is this coming from??? She's also been hugging people and being a lot more affectionate, which I greatly appreciate, but it just makes me curious. She's a new Christian, so perhaps this has something to do with it. After all, God's done far bigger things than this! It's an awesome change, either way :D 
    So yep. My life is epically amazing right now :)

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