Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Final Editing Stage

My editor sent me the newest version (the 'mostly correct' version) of Young Falcon to polish up, and this'll probably be the last I edit it - she'll review my changes and then we should be done....we should be; one can never be sure in the publishing business ;) However, my school has registration today from 12-2, and then one of my very good friends M.D. has a birthday sleepover tonight, so I don' t think I'll be getting much editing done today - but that's okay, because I'm too excited to edit (or focus) anyway! In my opinion, you shouldn't write if you're not in the right mood, because then it won't be very good and you'll end up trashing what you wrote anyway, but that's just the rule I live by.
   There were only a few things left I have to edit, such as some time inconsistencies when Elysia and one of her friends are travelling, some incorrect things in a speech, and just kinda small tidbits like that. It shouldn't take very long. I will keep you posted, and keep on praying! :)

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