Thursday, July 21, 2011

Six Hours of Editing

I edited for six straight hours today. Fuuuun stuff. Ms. Scandora, my editor, sent me the edited manuscript of Young Falcon today, and I had to either accept or reject her changes, so I had to go through and accept or reject every single comma, period, apostrophe, semi-colon, and incorrectly capitalised thing! And I still have 116 pages left! But it's actually pretty fun; I get to listen to music - and Mum was even willing to do my chores so I could keep working. I like this job ;) However, we're going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow and staying at my grandparents' house until Wednesday, so it may be a day or two before I can finish my last few pages. But I'm excited; it's going really fast! I also got to talk to my cover designer via Ms. Hara, and I sent the mock cover I came up with. Here it is (it's actually supposed to have people too; Elysia and Lliam over on the left side, looking over towards the title, but I didn't want to horrify y'all with my drawings, so I left them off :) )

My name is orange so as to tie in with Elysia's hair, which is red, and while Mum doesn't like that it's going sideways, I do; it's quirky :)
   I'll keep everyone posted!!

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