Friday, June 24, 2011

Results of the Family Meeting

Basically, Dad just came up with some more questions to ask Sheryn Hara, such as:

1) What happens to the books after they're published?
2) How do they get to bookstores and libraries?
3) Do we have to pay the shipping?
4) Where can we store the excess books?

And a few others I can't remember. Mum's going to send Ms. Hara another email today asking those questions, and she's also going to tell her some specifications I outlined for my covers (they need to be a design that can be consistent throughout 8 books; I'd like to see at least one of the 3 provided covers have real people on them).  Dad said we can 'sign the agreement' to get Young Falcon published on July 1, 2011 :D So exciiiiiiited!!!!!!! Only 7 days left until my book is 'officially' going to be published! :D :D I'll keep you posted.
      God is great!

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