Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

So, this weekend, Mum, Dad, Brother, Brother's girlfriend Wade, and I went to our friend's condo on the lake for two days. Mum had already been out there for a night because her ladies prayer group spent the night, and Brother and Wade went up early Friday morning. Dad and I went on Saturday, and when we got there, we finished watching Ocean's Eleven, which was actually a pretty good movie. Then Brother and I went swimming for an hour at the pool while Wade watched. Then we went to eat and then came home. The next day, Brother, Wade, Mum, and I went out into the country to climb Enchanted Rock, which was AWESOME. So fun! And really tiring, too, but the views from the top were totally worth it. We trekked around from 9 to 12 on the loop trails and around the lake and all over the place. I may post some pics later...Then we went to eat at a seafood restaurant and when we got home, we watched Secretariat. It was pretty good. Then we went out and swam in the lake water, which was extremely cold, but it felt good. :) The next day, Wade took us to her grandparents' house down the road, and her grandpa took us out on the boat. The water was pretty choppy, but it was really fun; we got to see all the million-dollar lakefront houses! They were so cool. Next we went home and went back to the beach, where this random white duck came up and started quacking at us. Brother went to go get some crackers to feed it, and while they were two years out of date, the duck loved them anyway. Wade then started quacking to the duck, and he quacked back. She started chasing him too, which he didn't like too much, but it was so funny! :D Haha, good times at the lake :)

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