Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting Closer

Sheryn Hara emailed my mum the other day (yesterday, actually) and gave us some more estimates for how much it's going to cost to get Young Falcon published, and the total is going to be ~$8,321. I'm really not worried about this, because I know that one way or the other, we'll be able to get my book published by my birthday. I don't know where all the money's gonna come from, but I know God will provide. I can't believe this is happening...It feels like this could be a movie or something, it's so unreal. It's been nearly four years now since I wrote my first draft, which was 6 pages long and started off with Elysia being chased to the river. Look how much I've written before that now! Over 300 pages! Haha, now that's what you call adding on :) This whole process has had a slightly surreal feel to it, like at any moment I might pinch myself and wake up and I'll be 12 again. I've been so incredibly fortunate to write these stories, and without half the people I know, this story would not be alive, because I've been inspired and motivated by so many friends and relations over the years that I could not have possibly come up with these ideas without them. Thanks to everyone who has inspired me, knowingly or not! Stay with me if you please, and we'll see where this road takes us.

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