Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Got the Proposaaaaaal!

Yesterday, I recieved the literary publishing proposal from my publisher Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network, and it basically outlined all of the costs involved for getting Young Falcon and the subsequent novels published. You wanna know approximately how much it's gonna cost?
     Around 7,000 to 8,000.
     No idea how we're gonna get all that money, but hey, with God all things are possible! So I'm not really worried about the money, or how long it's gonna take to get it, 'cause I'm on His timetable anyway, and there's nothing I could do to speed the process up anyway...And maybe my school and church buddies could help me raise some money. Maybe even the local radio station! Haha I'm gonna take over the world! ;)
    But I'm still really excited BECAUSE IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING!! There's hope! And as long as there's hope and God, everything will work out fine. Which means that everything will always work out, 'cause God is always gonna be there. How reassuring! :)

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