Saturday, May 07, 2011

Episode Four is Here!

The fourth episode of The Sea Dodecagon of Love, 'A Family Affair', is here! Because this one was so long, I've split it into two parts. Part One came out yesterday, and Part Two will come out next Friday. Here's the summary:

Edmund Pevensie just lost both his younger sister and his best friend, Caspian. And he has absolutely no idea what happened to them or where they went. They just...disappeared. And now, Peter is upset with him for something that wasn't his fault, Susan is terrified that something awful's going to happen to Lucy and Caspian, and Narnia is missing its king. But before anything is worked out, the three of them also end up on a ship in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Lucy is tending Caine and Sam as they heal, which brings about a number of complications: first, Caine thinks Lucy is the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, and second, Lucy starts noticing Sam, which won't make for a good brotherly relationship between these two already mortal enemies...

Click here to go read 'A Family Affair'! :D

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