Monday, May 02, 2011

Another Snippet From Young Falcon

Here's another little snippet from my first novel, Young Falcon. You seemed to like the first one, and since I'll be trying to promote my book pretty soon, I figured I might as well let you read another small section of it. Enjoy, and please rate and comment!! :)
   P.S. sorry about the weird margins. I just copied and pasted, and for some reason, they came out like this.

Once he was sure that Elysia and her friend had continued on their way, Roman dismounted from his stallion, heart hammering in his chest, and he sagged against the cliff wall, trying to get a grip on his emotions. He did not like his reaction to seeing Elysia again so soon; he felt completely unstable and vulnerable now that he had seen her close up, the way Lliam had told him he had felt when he saw her for the first time.
            Sighing shakily, Roman ran his hands through his hair and took a moment to just breathe, drawing the cool mountain air into his lungs quickly. What was he to do now? Zoser had ordered him to capture her and the egg as soon as possible, but could he do it now that he had seen her? What would happen if he could not? He knew Zoser would be very displeased, as he always was when Roman failed to complete an assignment, but was his anger worth it? Roman did not know what on earth to do next.
            Roman longed to ask someone what he should do, but the only person nearby was Lliam, and there was absolutely no chance of him asking his brother for advice; that would be like admitting to Lliams face that he was incapable of handling as assignment like this without anothers help. Romans pride balked at the mere thought; Lliam already thought that, and he did not want to give his brother even more reason to think it true. He could do this without Lliam’s help.
            Leaning his head back against the rough rock, he looked up at the sky, searching it for answers for a while, but when none came to him, he knew he had best be getting back to camp before Lliam sent out a search party for him. Shaking his head in exasperation and disgust at his older brothers overprotective ways, Roman got to his feet, mounted Black-pool again, and spurred the horse on, his heart still pounding within him.
We did not see any more soldiers for the rest of the day, and neither did Efroy speak again. He was still fuming. I tried as hard as I could to get him to speak, but he would not. The most he would do was shrug or grunt.
            Exasperated, I finally gave up, and turned my thoughts to who the man could have been, and why he would have had Black-pool, when I knew Lliam to have ridden the horse before. Maybe he belongs to one of them, and the other was just riding him for a while. Or maybe Black-pool is just a horse that gets traded around from rider to rider. Hes so big, though. I wonder what breed they are. Maybe its a breed that the humans have created from others
            I sighed and looked out at the passing grey rocks and cliffs as we continued to run. A few white flowers sprouted from the cracks of the colourless stones, defiant of the harsh wasteland around them. Mosses and lichens spiderwebbed the boulders with brown and sickly green colours, and a few ferns draped some of the smaller stones. It was definitely getting greener in here.
            I longed to talk to Lliam. But when I opened my mind and found his, he repelled me instantly. Feeling alone and separated from the rest of the world, I felt a stab of loneliness pierce my heart.

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