Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review of PLAGUE

Okay, so as you might know, my friends and I like the GONE books, by Michael Grant. If you didn't know this, this is what I have to say to you: ............
    So! The Woods' library got PLAGUE today, and I read it. Yeah, in one day. And I have exactly one. single. word. to sum up the entire book. Are you ready? You sure? You don't sound ready. No, really, you don't! C'mon, one more time: are you ready???
     Ok, that's better. Here's the one single word:
     Not what you were expecting, was it?
     And you say, Why was PLAGUE gross, Skandar?
     Because -
     (and the levels of wrongness (morally, most importantly, and in disturbingness, secondly) are not in this particular order, but I just wrote these as I remembered them)
     A) there are these giant, metallic bugs that are terrorising everyone and eating people from the inside out. Yeah. Not creepy at all. Or disgusting.
   Warning: spoilers ahead.
    B) Brittney and Drake are still sharing a body. That's just wrong on so many levels.
    C) Caine and Diana....need I say more? I do? Ok, well, you may or may not know (and if you didn't, now you do) that Diana is pregnant by the end of PLAGUE. Now do I need to say more? Didn't think so.
    D) kids are hacking up lungs (literally), shooting each others' faces off (again, literally), smoking (Lana, the 'Healer'), drinking (Orc....), and doing all other kinds of wrongs (*coughCAINEANDDIANAcough*) such as - trying to kill one's little brother (ASTRID) and just being retarded. (Ooh, I think that'd be Caine again...)
    And the whole thing just seemed kinda....pointless. Nothing was accomplished other than Little Pete no longer has a body, Sam is now an uncle, and Caine becomes 'king' of Perdido Beach. 500-something pages just to get that accomplished...? Eh.
    Out of 5 stars, I give it...maybe a 3 and 1/2. If that. Maybe just a 2....
    From a Christian standard, these books, especially this one, are a hugely, gargantuanly massive FAIL. Just reading PLAGUE made me feel sick cause it was so morally and physically disgusting. I just might be done reading these books; they don't even make you come away feeling like everything might turn out okay! If anyone does want to read some good Christian lit., check out The Mark of the Lion series by Francince Rivers! AMAZING, wonderful books! 
     My advice? Don't bother with PLAGUE. It's name sums it up well.

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