Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Book Might Get Published Soon!! :D

Yesterday, my mum sent Sheryn Hara of Book Publishers Network an email, and here's what she said in reply:

"You could email me a copy of the book and I could get back to you with a written proposal about what it would take to get it published.

Your daughter's situation is so amazing - I have THREE young authors in my stable right now and all three of them are writing the fantasy fiction for young adults. Just got one off the press a few days ago and it is so fun to see the author so excited about her book!

Please let me know what would work for you - my job is to help make dreams come true so I'm happy to help.

Regards, Sheryn Hara"

Sounds pretty promising to me! I just sent the manuscript, so now just waiting to hear back. SO EXCITED!! God is great, and He knows just who and what publishing business is right for me and my kids (referring to my characters)!! Can't wait to see what He's got in store for us!! :D

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