Thursday, April 07, 2011

Fake Cover

So, I'm trying to design a mock-cover for my book, because I'm gonna send it to Book Publishers Network to kinda show them what I want as a cover. I asked my friend M.M. to pose as Elysia on the cover, 'cause ever though she doesn't have dark red hair or really look anything like Elysia, I think she'll work for what I'm wanting. I had some trouble thinking of a guy to be Lliam, and I asked M.M. who she thought might work, and she suggested her older brother, M.M. I guess he'll work. He's blonde, and Lliam's got black hair, though....Wig, anyone? :) She forgot to ask him about it yesterday, though, so hopefully she'll remember today! 
     I tried drawing what I envisioned for the cover, but it failed miserably, but whilst I was on Google, I happened across this image of Jacob Black and Edward Cullen that shows kinda what I'm looking for: Lliam will be turned around, looking back over his shoulder and Elysia, who will be facing forwards, looking kinda to the side in his general direction, like she's kinda afraid to look at him.
    Here's the picture:

So just mentally replace Jacob with Lliam and Edward with Elysia, and there ya go! Ahahah fun stuff :)

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