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Now considering using Book Publishers Network as a possible means to publish Young Falcon. They're not a traditional, mainstream publishing group, but neither are they a self-publishing company. They're a half-breed! Ahaha :) But anyway, here's a list of pros and cons about using self-publishing versus traditonal publishing, according to Book Publishers Network:

Disadvantages of Traditional Publishing:
  • You will have to produce a professional book proposal to submit to agents prior to finding a publisher to print it.
  • Most mainstream publishers no longer have an editorial staff , so you will be expected to have your manuscript professionally edited before they will publish it.
  • You will have little or no control over your book’s layout, title, cover design, and number of copies printed.
  • It will take at least two years to see your book in a bookstore, and unless marketing, promotion, and distribution are done well, it may end up in the bargain section before it has a chance to shine.
  • You can’t know in advance how long it will take to sell enough books to pay back your advance and start receiving royalty fees.
  • The marketing and public relations (PR) efforts by your publisher are traditionally focused on the first ninty days of your release.  Promotion after that is up to you.
Advantages of Traditional Publishing:

  • Perhaps the most compelling advantage to having your book published by a mainstream publisher is your lack of financial investment.
  • Although it will cost you money to shop for an agent, once you have one who has found a publisher interested in your book, you will receive some type of advance prior to publication and royalties once enough copies have been sold to repay your advance
 Advantages of Self-Publishing
  • Total control over content, layout, and cover design.
  • A choice as to how many books are run the first time and subsequently, as demand for your book grows.
  • A distribution channel that is formulated on your target market to insure greater interest and greater sales.
  • Help with editing, copywriting, and proofing to produce a well-written and well-told story whether fiction or non-fiction.
  • Internal and external resources for promotion, public relations, and marketing to maximize how long your book stays in the public eye and on book shelves, not the clearance table.
  • Quick turnaround that gets your book, when ready, printed in approximately ninty days.
  • All profits from sales after your costs directly going to you because there is no advance to pay back.
And a promotional quote from Book Publishers Network on why you should publish with them:

      "Book Publishers Network is really a hybrid in the publishing world.  We help you produce the best possible product, assist you with solid distribution, and provide you with methods, tools, and resources to publicize your book.  Your book is published under the Book Publishers Network imprint, and since our books have won numerous awards, we are not perceived in the book world as being a self-publisher.
       By aligning yourself with our imprint, you won’t be associated with self-publishing in the traditional sense.  Most important, our authors are satisfied clients who know first-hand that we are committed to going the extra mile to help them become the successful authors they always dreamed of being.  Just read some of the testimonials on our Web site and you’ll hear first-hand why they enjoy working with us."

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