Saturday, April 16, 2011

Little Bit of Both

....I had a really bad day yesterday. I also had a really good day yesterday. 
      The bad part - M.M. didn't even ASK her brother about the photoshoot and then lied about it several times to me during the day, so the photoshoot didn't - and won't - happen. You just can't count on people anymore, it seems :/
      The good part - G.C. and I went cliff climbing on Inception Cliff (a cliff where everything is tilted to the side, even the trees, when you're standing upright on the cliff. We brainstormed on a fan-fiction story that includes characters from Pirates of the Caribbean, GONE, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Real World (our world). I'll be writing the prologue (which I already finished) and I'll post that here in a second. G.C.'s gonna write the 1st chapter and then we're gonna start switching off. It's a really stupid but awesome story! :D
     Have an awesome weekend, guys!

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