Tuesday, April 12, 2011


WE FOUND COSTUMES FOR M.M. AND HER BROTHER! yay!!! :D So we went to A.S.'s mum's room during lunch and poked around in her giant costume closet. At first, it seemed like we wouldn't find anything, but then A.S.'s mum showed us this other rack of fancy prom-like dresses. We looked at those and didn't find much, but then I noticed a burgundy sleeve and pulled out the dress attached to that sleeve; it was a plain but pretty little dress, with no frills or jewels, just some thin netty stuff on the front and a burgundy sash. M.M. and I instantly knew that we couldn't do much better than that (it would've been better in black, but hey, I ain't complainin'), so we put it over on the couch. We searched through the guys' shirts next, but sadly, most of them were Oxford button-down polos. Yeah, not exactly something Lliam would go about in! Haha! We searched for a while and didn't find anything until G.C., R.R., A.S., and H.K. showed up. R.R. accidentally bumped against one of the racks in the closet and M.M. saw something that had been hidden before - a burgundy sleeve! She pulled it out and we saw this absolutely perfect red shirt that was EXACTLY like what I had envisioned. Score! 
     So then we asked A.S.'s mum (we're just call her Ms. Drama for short) about what we could do for a backdrop. She suggested hanging a large piece of black fabric up in the gym (where all our plays are held) and that worked better than anything, so that's what we'll be doing! G.C. and her fancy-schmancy camera will be staying to help us on Friday, too, since my camera's quality isn't top-rate and I want this picture to have the best quality it can.
      Can't wait for Friday!!! :D

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