Friday, March 25, 2011

Track Meet Aftermath

I. Am. Exhausted. Utterly and completely exhausted. o.O So as you know, I had a track meet yesterday. We got on the buses after 3rd period, drove for 45 minutes, stopped at Subway, and then drove for another 45 minutes to the school.  Once there, A.S., M.D., and I headed off to the discus ring so A.S. and M.D. could warm up. A.S. really doesn't like discus, but Mrs. Berry made her do it anyway. She actually did really good, though; she threw 72 feet! M.D. threw 87 feet and got 6th place overall in varsity girls' discus. 
    Then we headed to our camp under the bleachers and tried to find P.G., which took a really long time, but we eventually found her at pole vault. And she did awesome!! She got 1st place after she cleared 8'6". She very nearly cleared 9 feet, but couldn't quite clear it.We watched M.M. and a few of the other boys run races and then K.T., M.D., and I did shot put, which was a fail of epic proportions - we got last. But the other 15 girls were HUGE - they were big, black girls who were really strong, so we kinda didn't have much chance. But it was fun anyway :)
      So A.S. and I chilled out for a while, watched all the races, tried to do our homework but didn't, cheered for P.G. in hurdles (she got 2nd) and I cheered for A.S.  and M.V. when they did triple jump. 
      After 9, we watched the relays (we came in last in all of them :( )  and cheered on M.O., K.H., W.M., and M.M. as they ran. They did really good, I thought, even though they came in last. The girls did good too :) 
      So it was really awesome. But we got back to P.G.'s at 12:30, then we had to shower and do homework - math - which was kinda impossible, because our brains were fried. o.O  Ahhh, fun stuff :)

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